Benefits of Gua Sha

1. Helps to eliminate toxins and blood from the body without blood loss, It removes blood and replaces new blood.
2. Enhances the efficiency of the blood circulation system in the body, promoting the function of red and white blood cells.
3. Stimulates the immune system, when the red blood cells and lymphocyte function fully.
4. Helps to drive heat to neutralise fever.
5. Tightens muscles to reduce cellulite and excess fat.
6. Helps to relieve pain, muscle aches, back pain, especially in the waist and tendon area.
7. Helps remove dead skin cells from the skin, leaving the skin clean.
8. Helps prevent deterioration of all parts of the body.
9. Helps to identify disorders and the causes of disease.
10. Reduces the risk and accumulation of disease.
11. Makes the skin bright and can help reduce acne and freckles.
12. Helps to make you look younger and slow down the appearance of ageing.
13. Helps to improve physical and mental health.
15. Helps prevent and treat male and female reproductive degeneration.